Friday, May 9, 2008

what is it about jumbled wires and cords that annoys me?

i can't stand untangling things. and my stuff is always getting tangled. i keep a power strip plugged in to my outlet so i can charge everything overnight, and right now my phone charger, ipod charger, laptop charger, headset charger, ipod headphones and speakers are lying hopelessly tangled. ugh. i just get so frustrated and annoyed when i have to untangle things. it's one of those little things that i never really thought about till now and i now i'm suprised to find how much it irks me.

even when i've cleaned up my room, straightened and made my sister's bed, vaccumed the floor, that pile of parephenelia jumps out at me when i walk in the door


another frum college girl said...

all you need is a final you really dont wanna study for or some annoying homework and youll get that untangled in no time

The Babysitter said...

I love untangling wires and stuff, its like solving a puzzle. I wouldn't mind doing it for you next time, somehow, lol.