Wednesday, October 29, 2008

everyone knows someone else who is on a lower intelligence plane than themselves. so everyone knows the feeling of frustration you get from dealing with someone whose wits are no match for your own. and everyone deals with those kind of people differently. some throw up their hands and realize it's no use. others get condescendingly snobby. I've been on the receiving end of that when trying to learn mathematics. and there are those like me who have absolutely no care for them, but take great delight in telling over what occurred. in my house we sit around the table and make fun of dumb things we heard that day.

well, not really. but we do love repeating certain stories over and over.

on my parents' wedding anniversary, my dad told my mom "marriage isn't a word. it's a sentence."

i know. real touching.

my dad thought this was such a good line, that he repeated it to all of his friends. most of them got it and laughed but one neighbor smirked at my dad and said no it's a paragraph!"

in g-d's own image. yessir.


The Babysitter said...

I've heard that line before.

I try to be sensitive to people's feelings when I hear them say something dumb, but at the same time if it's funny I'll laugh, but I'll laugh at what they said not because they were dumb.

It happens many times in class where people ask dumb questions or say dumb things. One example: a prof gave out a test, and one of the questions involved figuring something out based on a percentage that's given. SO one person says "there's no percentage given". So the prof says "yea, there's no percentage given, but it says 1/10" so obviously that's 10% but some people expect everything to be obvious.

A lot of times I say dumb things on purpose to make myself sound foolish cause it's just funny, and it's a weird kind of way of getting attention. But then other times I'm serious when I say something dumb and it still makes me happy when people laugh at it.

Moshe said...

My philosophy is "I'll be nicer, if you'll be smarter."