Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's the last twenty minutes of the fast that get me.
i managed just fine today. i was in school from one to six. i managed to suffer through the break when everyone was eating. it's so funny how when i'm not eating, the most random foods are mouth-watering. i tried explaining the whole fast thing to Tracy. she looked kind of confused, as if Yom Kippur had come early, when i told her i wasn't eating today. but as a kind gesture, she ate her salad outside the lab, instead of at our table when she heard my stomach protesting the lack of food.

i went shopping for my mom, went to say mazal tov to my friend who had a baby, meet my godson, came home, set the table, and now i'm sitting and waiting those last few minutes till i can break my fast on that cup of orange juice that's waiting for me....


rickismom said...

My daughter used to have most problems at the end. I am usually so busy setting up for post-fast that the time goes quicker.

The Babysitter said...

That is very interesting that you mentioned that the girl Tracy didn't eat next to you because you were fasting. My father told me a similar story of how people at work were so kind to him and didn't eat near him, and his boss actually asked him if he wanted his boss to come to his office so that my father shouldn't have to walk to his bosses office. I was so surprised at all the kind gestures people made to accommodate. I guess since they never fasted before they think it is extremely hard and tiring so they are extra nice.

the last few minutes are always the hard ones, that's why I was happy I had class at night. SO this way the whole day I wanted the time to last longer till I had to go to class, then when it was class time I didn't notice that the fast already ended. So it went pretty good.