Friday, October 24, 2008

it's a good thing i save everything. today i was online when my friend messaged me:

Y: hey, random q, do you have classmates wedding invitations?

me: actually, i do. what can i do for you?

Y: can i borrow Z's invitation? i need it for a project

(another one of my great assets: i don't ask nosy questions. like what kind of 'project do you do with a year-old-wedding invitation)

me: sure, no problem. i don't REALLY need it, but i really would like to get it back

Y: thanks, I'll swing by later today to pick it up

see that?


The Babysitter said...

Good for you!

tembow said...

ok but how could you NOT ask her what she needs it for?! i mean, that's a little strange that she needs it, unless she's really close friends with the girl and she's making her an anniversary thing... lol i don't know