Sunday, October 5, 2008

they're baaaaack!

i was online in a store the other day, and i heard two guys talking excitedly behind me

"dude, the checks are back! I'm psyched"
"oh awesome, i thought that text was a scam, i guess it worked!"

Verizon users to have the pleasure of being able to differentiate between those in and out of the network. when sending a text to someone who "is Verizon" a little check appeared next to the text after it was received. and then, one day, they suddenly stopped. there were no little checks. people were stunned, horrified, and outraged. i received a text begging me to call Verizon and request the reappearance of the checks. then i got another text that informed that if i were to send a text to ten people who have Verizon, the checks would come back. i don't think this is what did it, but as of about a week ago, the checks have indeed come back.

now we have to find another thing to complain about.


MAK said...

...What precisely is the importance of those checks? I don't use verizon, so I really was not impacted...but I heard about it. Why on earth did people freak out about losing the checks?

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about??? LOL

we non-verizon users are really in the dark here... :)

Stam said...

Haha i love it -- I was having this issue also until yesterday!

MAK: a lot of VZW users have free in-texting, so its easier to tell who they can text for free

Mikeinmidwood said...

I got my checks back two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

there is no importance. "people" who freaked out are really teens and early twenties people who obsess over their phones and the features like normal adults obsess over weight and life issues. The phones and all the little gadgets and tricks are the hub of the teen social scene. So changes are upsetting.