Thursday, October 23, 2008

quick fact #987: if you suck in helium from a balloon, it makes your voice squeaky

yup, it's true. for awhile i was too scared to try it, but one very late night in camp i tried it. it's one of the freakiest things to hear a different voice come out of your own mouth. and it's even creepier hearing a high-pitched voice come out of a guy's mouth. almost a month and a half ago my friends got me balloons for my birthday. it's amazing that they still have helium in them. i guess the balloon-selling stores in queens know a secret. this morning i poked a hole in one and was babbling like a child when my mother walked in. at first she looked concerned to see her 20 year old daughter sucking helium, but when i started talking she was in stitches. by the time all the helium had been used up we'd all taken turns and were howling with laughter. i've got another ballon left. maybe i'll persuade sister 1 to 'do some helium' for my own personal enjoyment and maybe add something to my collection of embarassing and incriminating photos and vidoes.


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The Babysitter said...

I've seen that before, sounds hysterical and freaky.

rickismom said...

My Dad the chemist showed me this once, receiting the Gettsburg address in a squeky voice!