Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cheaters do prosper sometimes

last night i was the center of a massive cheating ring...and i didn't do a thing to cheat.

Rosa and her friend sit behind me. we're quite friendly, and we sit in the back of the class bemoaning the stupidity of the older women and the craziness of the professor (Rosa is convinced he's schizo) last class we had a test. when i came back in after the break, they asked me how i thought I'd done. i replied that i wasn't sure. to which Rosa answered "oh cuz we copied all your answers" i was shocked i started laughing. they must have really good eyesight to have been able to read off my paper, because i would have noticed if they'd been craning their necks to look. i was then further astounded when Rosa informed me that she thought that "ninety five percent of my answers were correct" how did she know? she checked me against two other classmates!

(this was after i had asked her for the syllabus to see what the homework was and she shoved her answers in my face and commanded me to "just be a bad girl!")


The Babysitter said...

lol, almost same thing happened to me last summer, although there I had the wrong answers. I was on the city bus and then a guy in my class asks how I did and I said I didn't know it cause I didn't really study but I hope I did well, then he says to me, I hope you did well too cause we copied your answers, I was so surprised to hear this, I guess they assumed because I got an A on the midterm I'd get an A on the final too, which I didn't. So I guess they lost out for cheating.

frumcollegegirl said...

yea but it totally boosted my already over-inflated ego that i had four people copying my answers

Yoni said...

... I think I'd tell.

if they're going to cheat, fine, but they're not involving me in it.

but maybe not becuase I'd feel horrible if I ruined their whole academic career.

I probably wouldn't tell unless I had assurances from the professor, preferably in writing that he would do no more than fail their tests.

I could never forgive myself if I was responsible for getting someone else expelled from college.

The Babysitter said...

frumcollegegirl: yea, it kinda is a good feeling to know that people trusted your answers were the correct ones. Today we got back a test, and one guy says to another "you should have copied 'the babysitter's' answers, she was sitting right next to you". I mean what makes them think I did good. Just because I know the answers when my prof calls on me in class?

frumcollegegirl said...

ha that's awesome, i love being the smartest one in class. my professors love the frum girls becuase we respect them, pay attention in class, and study