Monday, April 21, 2008

three days no shower

everyone keeps telling me that if i had my shower fetish and lived a hundred years ago i never would have survived.

i'm obsessed with showering.

right after havdalah i was going nuts cuz i desperately wanted to take a shower. my mother said in the shtetl they went for weeks without taking showers. my sister said in europe they're not crazy about showering the way americans are. my aunt said i wanted three days, twenty minutes isn't going to kill me.

but i still need my shower.

i really love pesach. it's usually nice weather, no school (except for my test on wednesday), spend time with family....(lots of potatoes) but the whole thing with no showering drives me crazy. i bought a shabbos toothbrush so i can brush my teeth on yom tov, but there's nothing like a nice shower to make me feel clean and happy again

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another frum college girl said...

i was tingling after my shower!! squeaky clean!