Friday, April 25, 2008

"swing...and a miss!"

it's all my sister's fault.

we were playing baseball about eight or nine years ago. my uncle stuck her in the outfield, where she missed a ball that went right by her. when he asked her why she didn't try to catch it, she looked at him and informed him that she was doing her hair. since then, my uncle's been prejudiced against girls playing baseball.

and that is why today i felt like a ten year old again. i was playing baseball with a bunch of random relatives, and i felt like i was playing like a ten year old. i couldn't run because i wasn't wearing sneakers. my hair was getting in my face, and i couldn't see for the sun glare. when i missed an easy catch and let my six year old cousin hit a double, my uncle moved me to outfield and informed me that i couldn't catch.

i was always into sports when i was little. i had a favorite tree. i played soccer every afternoon with my sister (my dad grew up in Israel so he's a big fan) i played football and basketball and baseball. but i feel like now I'm all thumbs when trying catch, and can't hit a ball.

is there a happy medium? can you be a refined young lady and still be good at sports? when i have kids and i see them playing baseball and tell them i want to play too, i don't want them to groan under their breaths and shoot it out to see who loses and gets stuck with me.


Yoni said...

my mother loved sports too.

My advice is practice throwing and catching.

But I think you can be refined and like sports, definitely.

But also, maybe you should put your hair totaly up in a bun or something for it, so that it doesn't get in your eyes, and I'm guessing that the baseball game was impromptu because otherwise why would you be wearing something other than sneakers?

but I was never good at sports, although it doesn't stop me from trying to play catch with the rabbis second youngest son when he asks me. It makes him happy so I play it.

Bas~Melech said...

1. Yes, you can be a refined young lady and good at sports.

2. However, this will not stop your children from rolling their eyes, groaning, etc. Sorry, you can't have it ALL.