Thursday, April 17, 2008

the pests of the little variety

it's officially bug season.

i was outside today for like two hours and when i came home i had three mosquito bites. it's starting. i'll go outside and within two minutes i'll have about fifteen bites. on my arms, legs and face. i'm either overly sensitive, or i have sweet blood. or maybe i'm just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. my friend says if you take garlic pills it will keep the bugs away. but i'm scared it will keep all my friends away as well. i've tried every spray and cream on the planet. i've tried those gross smelling candles, and even bug zappers. but nothing will keep those pesky 'skeeters off my skin.

but it means that summer is coming. it means long hazy afternoons with nothing to do. it means warm sunsets and long slow shadows on the grass. it means the type of rainstorms that you can lie on the ground and smell them coming. it means barbecues and long afternoons at the pool. no schedule and all the time in the world. sunburns and rollerblading. picnics and baseball.
air conditioning and sunglasses. lemonade stands and frying eggs on the sidewalk.

ahhhh summer.....

darn, i have school in june


another frum college girl said... means sweat stains, it means b.o., it means hot sun, it means sunburns.....i miss the fall!!

Yoni said...

I'd love summer if it weren't so hot and the bees weren't so common!

The Babysitter said...

already a few weeks ago, at the start of the nice weather, I was waiting by the school bus stop, of the kids I babysit, and there were a million flies flying around.

Its such a nice feeling to be able to go outside without a coat or jacket! I love spring the best!

frumskeptic said...

garlic pills to keep the bugs away, then chew mint gum to keep your friends from going away :)

The Babysitter said...

frumcollegegirl: what happened to the chol hamoed post?