Monday, April 14, 2008

men are from mars

it's amazing how men are a totally different species. you can even tell by looking at the barest part. the skeleton. the difference is really only in the pelvic bone, and it's not such a major one, but you can tell there. add the rest of the body, intelligence, and personality, and you've got a totally different creature (even though women were created from men, this is backwards)

but seriously.

humor: men find the vulgarest things funny. like homer simpson, south park, and family guy. they think jokes about death, killing, and bodily functions are funny.

food: if it's any form of meat, they'll like it. if it has hot sauce on it, they'll like it anymore (it's questionable if it's in the form of meatloaf) if it has any green in it, they won't touch it. they think potatoes count as healthy vegatables, and chocolates are veggies cuz they come from beans, which are veggies.

sleeping: they can fall asleep anywhere, in almost any position. the never have to worry that they'll look stupid

pictures: they don't care if they're in a picture that shows seventeen chins. or they're making a weird face. or it looks like they're picking their nose. or they are picking their nose.

driving: it's sort of like a badge of honor to get alot of tickets-especially if it's in the first month of driving. they speed, and regard all traffic rules as mere suggestions.

drinking: if they get smashed, ppl don't call them bad names. it doesn't ruin their reputation. they can get away with only minimal damage

they totally don't get hints. at all. you have to spell out exactly what you want from them.

they will never remember to put the toilet seat down.

they don't get what's wrong with drinking straight out of containers.

we'll just never be able to understand don't give yourself a headache trying


Child Ish Behavior said...

I should feel insulted but that would be out of character as a man.

Yoni said...

I'm not at all like most of those... But I do wonder if I take hints well...

I mean, sometimes I like things to be spelled out to me. other times not so much.

but I'm a bit weird.

sweety said...

Depends which men you're referring to. Some are completely aliens while others are a mixture of somewhere between mars and planet earth.

frumcollegegirl said...

i'm not referring to any guys in particular. i'm just stating the obvious about most guys in general

NafNaf said...

While I'd agree with your assessment of my sex if you are measuring us using the avarage ffb guy as an example, if you were using BTs as your survey sample I think you'd be slightly more impressed with men.
I'm a weekday vegetarian, me and the guys who share my dira clean the room every day and fart jokes went out in 3rd grade.
Someone must have hit a nerve with you so on behalf of my entire species: "sorry".
But I'll have to agree with the toilet seat thing.

The Babysitter said...

I think that just describes one type of guys called "jerks" not the general species.

There are girls that are the same way too.

Its more of a personality. I've seen tons of girls pictures where they all make funny faces.

the pissed off teen said...

i couldnt agree wit u more
this is accurate to the last detail