Thursday, April 24, 2008

you can hear a pin drop...

bowling is a funny thing. you pay money to wear a pair of smelly shoes that six hundred people have worn before you, many of which weren't wearing socks, haven't washed their feet in over twenty four hours, and may have had athlete's foot, or other ailments of the foot. then you pay more money to roll a 10-15 lb. ball (which REALLY hurts when you drop it on your toe!) down a lane to try and knock over ten pins.

but's a game i really enjoy.

however, i don't like it when i go to one alley, to spend fifteen minutes explaining to the guy behind the counter that if the wait for a lane is a half hour, and it's eleven o'clock, and they're not letting anyone in after eleven thirty, he shouldn't tell people he'll hold a lane for them. and then i have to back into the car to find another alley that's open later (becuase i wasted alot of time talking to this idiot)

it's funny how frum people go bowling: they show up fifteen minutes before the place closes, and then spend ten minutes looking around to see what other frum people are there. it's funny when you get to your lane and you find a men's pair of shoes, size sixteen sitting in the middle of the floor. it's funny when your cousin is really beating you because she got a turkey, and you only got a spare on two strikes...and then she bowls a zero.

and it's REALLY fun when you bowl 116 :)


The Babysitter said...

I went bowling yesterday and I found the bowling ball that was 8 was good.
We had no wait, we went with 4 people and we took 2 lanes so the game went really fast.
lol thats funny you mentioned the "turkey" cause I remember when I was younger I got a "turkey" with 3 strikes in a row. But no one else seems to have heard of that term.
I got a 110 on my first game, then my second game I did worse. (but that was with bumpers)
congrats on your 116!

Yoni said...

I don't think i've ever gotten above 80 something...

I don't remember what size ball I used.

Bas~Melech said...

I'm horrible. I'll get a bunch of strikes or spares, then zeros the whole game to lose miserably. And each time I'm fool enough to think that this is going to be The One.