Friday, April 25, 2008

the ridin' rabbi

my favorite chol hamoed trip this year was when i went to my grandparents. it wasn't about going to them, however, it was how i got there.
it was on the back of my dad's motorcycle.
when my dad turned forty, he started talking about mid-life crisis, and getting a motorcycle. and he finally did it-two years after he got semicha, he got a motorcycle license. now we call him the ridin' rabbi. he got his license about a year ago, but he didn't give us rides until he was sure of himself. so last week he gave me a ride. it was really cool! when he asked me how it was i replied that i wanted to get a motorcycle one day, and he shook his head and said "you are never getting a motorcycle. at least not while you're living in my house"

when i told a friend what I'd done, she shook her head and said "that can't be good for shidduchim" so i retorted that i refuse to live my life based on what other people will think of me. the guy I'll marry will be the one that will hear about my ride and say "cool! can i have a ride too?" but it made me wonder about those kind of people. y'know, the ones that everyone talks about. the people who do live their lives for the public eye. i kind of feel bad for them. it's like a girl that goes out and only says what her mom told her to say. there's no spine there, no real opinion. is that life?


Yoni said...

motor cycles are neat, my brother used to ride one.

but I'd be to scared. what if you get in an accident?

Besides, who can tell who you are with those helmets over your face?

Yoni said...
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frumskeptic said...

I'd be scared to go on a motorcycle, but if you're not...good for you!! :)

Those that only think about the public are the ones that end up in loveless marraiges or divorces. Sad stuff. Imagine being marreid to a guy you're literally only with becuase you feared becoming an old maid and your dror yeshurim numbrs happened to have matched!

Not a typical Guy said...

You should get a motorcycle if you want. I always say you can’t worry about what other people may think of you when it comes to shidduchim. Be your self don’t try to hide things because it may be bad for shidduchim. Be who you are and nobody else.

The Babysitter said...

There's a quote I heard referring to certain types of girls, from my HS that did something, it went like "A shanda on a Honda" I never understood what it meant, then someone said its like a girl on a motor cycle that its an embarrassment.

But I agree with you on that one. To not live your life for the public eye. Over 2nd days Pesach I was at my grandparents. My grandmother exemplifies the public eye thing. It just makes me get disgusted in the idea of not being able to live and enjoy life the way you want to (so long as there's nothing wrong with it).

But yea, I think I'd be scared to go on a motor cycle. I used to be afraid of driving the go carts or bumper cars. Then finally 3 years ago I drove a bumper car and it was so much fun, then after that I drove a go cart and it was also fun, so it was worth getting over the fear. I'm sure a motor cycle would be really cool.

Frumskeptic: I agree with you so much on that one. I was actually just thinking the same thing a few days ago. That's why they say just imagine you and the person alone on a mountain and then see if you would still marry them.