Monday, April 14, 2008

G-d likes you if you don't curse

today i got rewarded for being good.

i pulled into the college's parking lot, and found someone who was walking to her car. i rolled down my window and politely asked her if she was pulling out her car, and if i could follow her to her spot. she said she was, and i could. so i followed behind her with my blinker on, till she got to her spot, waited for her to pull out....when all of a sudden a car zoomed in and took my spot. now that person had been sitting there, watched me talk to her, watched me follow her with my blinker on, but she didn't care. i was debating talking to her and telling her i had been waiting for that spot, but i knew she wouldn't care. i really wanted to yell and expletive at her, cuz i was running very late, very tired, and very mad. but i didn't want to stoop down to her level. so i bit my tongue, and drove away...

....and then i found a spot way closer to the building.

thanks, G-d.


the pissed off teen said...

im sure ull get rewarded later and all that, but while it may seem harmless and stupid, nothing can relieve stress like a nice silent middle finger at someone who pisses you off and u lost the opportunity.
but nice one. god will be proud

frumcollegegirl said...

yea i used to think like that too. but then i just started feeling vulgar, espcecially once i started college. besides, it's way worse for a girl to use language like that. i thin it makes you a real low-life. there is a girl in my class who has a realy toilet mouth. i hate it

The Babysitter said...

Gam Zu Litova...everything works out at the end.

Yea, people who use foul language and curse all the time I think of them as worse. One guy in my class was describing a prof, and he kept saying she was "F" this "F" that, like a 100 times, and after a while I just couldn't take it anymore.

Seems like the middle finger is associated with driving, there's always pictures where a guy is in a car and he gets frustrated.

another frum college girl said...

don't you just love when you feel like G-d is communicating with you so clearly like that!

it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

frumcollegegirl said...

yea it's cool when you can see it directly.

dunno about the warm fuzzy feeling though. i usually get that from eating cooked peaches