Wednesday, April 2, 2008

thank god for small kindnesses

i've been so scatterbrained lately with all the stuff that's going on, and today i could have had a serious issue on my hand. on monday i didn't have my lab book with me, and the professor went through the chapter with us and told us specifically which bones of the skull we had to memorize. since i didn't have my book, i asked my lab partner frank if i could borrow his to copy over, and bring it back today. he agreed. i set out for school today with my books, and his. i got to school about ten minutes before class started so i went to find someplace to sit and catch up on other work. at twelve, i gathered up all my stuff and went to the classroom, to find that my photography class was canceled. it's a three hour class, so i decided to spend my free time at home. when i pulled into my driveway, i realized that i didn't have frank's book with me. i had left it on the table where i'd been doing my work! so i would have to run back to school very quickly to retrieve the book, or i'd have to give frank my book which would leave me without a book!


i remembered that i saw chris, who was in my class, at the tables


i even had her number because i sold her a book in the beginning of the year and had to meet her!

so i called her


she was still sitting there


she saw the book right there


she agreed to bring it with her to the three o' clock class!!

and now i'm saved


The Babysitter said...

B"H glad that worked out, Hashgacha Pratis, and that was really nice of that girl.

By me, I borrowed some stuff from a non-Jew in the class, and I was supposed to bring it back to class to give to her. The day I was supposed to bring it, I totally forgot, and she needed it right then. I was thinking, what am I gonna do now, I'm stuck. Otherwise I'd have to go the next day to her work in the city to give it to her, and I wasn't gonna do that. Then it popped in my head, that my brother was home, so I called him and he brought the stuff I needed to school so I can return it to the girl. I was saved!

frumskeptic said...