Wednesday, September 3, 2008

verizon: where technology meets failure

i wonder if Verizon has a personal vendetta against all phone holders with brown hair. or maybe they don't like phone numbers with a 2 in it. either way, i feel like there's a constant war raging between me and Verizon.

I've been to the store so many times. i can tell you all the sales reps names and when they work. i can tell you which customer representatives work part time because they're in school and which ones work full time. i can tell you which sign in machines work the quickest.

I've been there so long, I've sat on every chair (except the manager's chair) tried out every single phone, played Surviving High School '08 and Diner Dash 2 on every phone, raced my sister to see who can sign in faster, and i still haven't been given a phone that won't give me problems.

two months ago my 8 button was stuck and that was all that worked. last month i was dropping calls. last week my phone was freezing and blacking out. this week i can't receive any texts or voice mails.


EndOfWorld said...

Sorry to disappoint you. The other ones arent any better

The Babysitter said...

Why don't you switch companies then? I use sprint, the nights start at 7. If you have problems and call up to complain they will give you free text messaging or other stuff.

Good luck with your phone, hope they won't cause too much trouble in the future.