Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the newest college dance

it's called the frum slide. it's what your eyes do when they latch on to a kippah or skirt at college.

first you affirm that it is indeed Jewish looking. that it is really a skirt and not just an incredibly baggy pair of pants. that it is truly a kippah and not a weird hat. then your eyes slide up or down to the face to see if it's a familiar one.

if it is, you rush over to each other, or maybe fall into step with them and do the whole catch up routine. ("what classes are you taking?" "who's your professor?")

if you don't know them, you do the shy -i-don't-really-know-you-but-you're-an-oasis-in-this-crazy-place-grin.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't go to Brooklyn College, otherwise, you will cramp your neck with all the turning necessary.

The Babysitter said...

anonymous: lol

That was really cute, but that is what happens. Especially the ending, you feel like your supposed to be friendly or know them, so you make a sorta smile.

It's also interesting to be on the receiving side, when other Jewish people see you, I always wonder if they spot the skirt first or if they can tell by the face already.