Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my horse is bigger than your horse

me: hi uncle
uncle: hi niece
me: what's up?
uncle: nada
me: nothing. i am waiting for a very slow program to do whatever it's supposed to do
ooh i gotta show u my new phone
i got a voyager
uncle: you should see mine
i guarantee that mine is cooler
me: what phone yo you have?
uncle: i got a berry
uncle: yups
me: well mine has a touch screen
uncle: nice
me: ...but I'm sure yours nice too
uncle: mine has e-mail, Internet, pictures, video, does the dishes and takes out the garbage
me: well mine can hit more home runs than Derek Jeter, and can save AIG from collapsing
uncle: OK, you win

it's a game that never gets tired. no matter how old we are, we're always out to prove that we're better, stronger and healthier. that what we have is prettier, faster, and shinier


Lvnsm27 said...

very cute

yea some people are like that

The Babysitter said...

yea, that's what gives people a drive to be do better, so that they can talk about it.

Was that really how the conversation went? at the end it looks like you perhaps made it up?

But very funny.

uncle said...

The end is the best part, shows us for the nuts we truly are. I also think there were other features that were given prominent notice.

However, your phone is not working so well with AIG.