Monday, September 8, 2008

life is an adventure

i have been extraordinarily blessed. my life is never dull. things that seem simple, never end up being so. when i leave work for what should be a twenty minute break to go to the bank and radio shack, it takes me an hour and change to get back to my desk.

i flew to Israel with sister 1 a couple of years ago. we had a stopover in Switzerland and sister 1 was a little nervous at switching terminals, and then getting to the old city once we landed. my grandmother taught me something I've never forgotten. she said that anytime something goes wrong, i should look at it as adventure. and one day I'll laugh about it.

and she was right. when i was at a convention in Miami and i went for a five minute walk with my friend, and was still stumbling around north Miami beach at two am, i didn't panic. when my boss sent me out with his credit card...and i lost it, i didn't freak out. when i was late getting home one night during vacation when i was in Israel, and missed the last bus, i laughed. when i was cleaning up from the purim chagiga and i dropped a box containing six huge jars of pickle juice, and i dropped the box and got showered in pickle juice, i thought of my grandmother and didn't cry.

and indeed, it does work. somehow, the things that go wrong, and all the mishaps i encounter, somehow seem less terrible or frightening when i follow this philosophy. thanks grandma.


Mikeinmidwood said...

Thats great advice. Ill try using it

MAK said...

Convention in Miami? There was only one that I can recall, that has to have been the B'nos convention. I made some of the posters for that (with CJ of course) E/o was so excited because this was the first convention in florida.

The Babysitter said...

It's hard to practice that kinda philosophy. But yea I usually think to myself "everything will work out" and I don't give up hope and everything does work out, so its never the end of the world. Although those stuff did seem hard.

rebecca said...

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