Wednesday, September 10, 2008

last night i made a startling discovery:

some stranger has been paying for my gym membership for the past three months.

the way it works is that you sign up and the gym automatically takes the monthly fee out of a bank account. when i went last night they told me my membership got canceled because my account was closed. upon seeing my astonished reaction, the guy behind the counter further explained,

"...yea, it looks like, uh, we tried to get into your account...on September 4th? and it was closed, so, uh, your thing got canceled"

obviously this was all some misunderstanding. i need my thing because i need to go to the gym. so i asked the loquacious gentleman if anyone had tried to contact me. (which i knew they hadn't) he said he had no clue. great. i tartly informed him that i had no intention of paying for a full new membership when i hadn't been informed that they couldn't get into my account. and guess what? it looks like the monthly membership fee was never taken out of the account!

which means that when the geniuses behind the desks entered the account information, they got the numbers messed up; and they hit the wrong account.

so whoever you are, thanks.


rickismom said...

Gee.... I hope they notice and get a refund. At least some stranger wasn't purposely paying...(YIKES!!)

The Babysitter said...

Interesting, not to burst your bubble or anything, but you should be careful, cause the person who's account they are taking the money out of may realize and they will call the collection agency and stuff and fight the charge. If you have a different name than the person then I guess they won't know that it was you. But if they find out they might not be too happy.

Someone had used my grandfathers name and address and phone number to make purchases online, so my grandfather kept getting these macys, pay pal and all kinds of bills, he didn't pay them cause it wasn't his stuff. Then he was brought to court, after a year they finally took care of everything, and gave him back his good credit score.