Friday, September 26, 2008

stupid forwards

i want to know who starts the stupid forwards. they're all so frustrating.

1. there is a girl missing! please circulate this picture and let the authorities know if you see him/her (according to snopes, which is an urban legend reference site, there's a greater chance that this child is thirty years old and doesn't want their sixth grade school photo passed around)
2. bill gates/gap/Microsoft is giving away free money/clothes/computers for every hundred people you forward this too (it is impossible to track emails. period)
3. the salvation army/red cross is giving away five cents for every person you forward this to for the health of a little child dying of some unheard of terminal disease (again, we haven't yet come up with the software that can track emails. at least not that i know of)
4. send this email to thirty four people in the next twelve seconds, you will have tremendous luck, lots of friends, never grow old, and the love of your life will find you. oh and a great miracle will happen tomorrow at noon. (my server doesn't work that fast, and can i reschedule that miracle? because noon doesn't work for me

but it's gotten way worse than that. it started out as a few. but now i get at least twenty or thirty a day. I'm talking about the forwards that are texted.
1. tehillim names. i always get pleas to say tehillim. i never get a notice to stop. and somehow the name just has a way of getting mixed up.
2. stupid jokes. like about young learning boys. there seems to be an abundant of them:
a young boy who learns daf yomi online will grow up to be a Google b'yisroel
how does a Lakewood boy propose? he drives up with a fifteen-passenger van and says "can you help me fill this up?"
a yeshiva boy is like a cellphone: free nights and weekends but no plan
urgent! rabbanim have declared that no yeshivas in Lakewood open up until every yungerman has a parking spot.
what's the difference between a dead body and yeshiva bachur? one goes from life support to the freezer...
they're not funny.
3. insults:
i volunteered to help at a mental health facility. they said i need 24 hours of experience. are you available tomorrow?
if i were to write a dictionary, this is what it would say; BEAUTIFUL: you SMART: you PRETTY: you LIAR: me
i just heard that the cops found an unidentified body, noted for its extreme ugliness. are you OK?
4. apparently for those who had Verizon, when you sent a text message to someone else in the Verizon network, a little check would appear next to the text when it was received. and now that doesn't exist anymore. so first the text that went around said that if we all call Verizon they'll change it back. now it's saying that if you send a text to ten people who are all within the Verizon network, it'll change.

and what's more annoying, is that everyone has enough time on their hands to pass it around. so i don't just get it once, i get it about six or seven times.

and you'd think that after constantly berating my friends they would learn not to send it to me. i just don't get why people waste the time to forward these things. if no one forwarded stupid jokes and the like, whoever starts them will stop.


The Babysitter said...

Those forwards are really annoying, thank goodness my friends who forward mem stuff make sure not to send those anymore. btw, there's a cool site that will send an e-mail to whoever is sending you these e-mails telling them to stop anonymously.

About tehillim names, I ignore them unless I know who it is, and I don't pass it on unless I know who it is. Someone had once sent an e-mail about a yosef ben yaakov that was lost, and people really said tehillim for the name, when meanwhile it was a joke about the parsha where yosef gets sold to mitzrayim.

I haven't seen those young learning boy ones. It took a minute for me to chap the google one, that is actually funny having heard it for the first time.

Those texts seem really annoying, it was like that with facebook super wall and stuff, so I just turned off the e-mail notification so I don't know from them anymore.

blip said...

never saw the learning boy ones but they were funny but not when forwarded yeah you're right