Friday, September 12, 2008


when i was little i used to love the rain. i played in it. i jumped in the puddles. i played in the mud. heck, i even ate worms! then i got older and boring. and i started hating rain. until the wacky looking rubber boots became "in" nobody wanted to be caught dead in them. so going out in the rain meant getting my feet wet. and my hair got ruined. or my makeup will get messed up. but a friend told me to stop being an old lady and take a walk in the rain once and see how nice it is.

so i did that.

and it wasn't so bad.

of course, it could be a pain when you have a broken windshield wiper and you only remember to fix it...when it rains. or you have to walk somewhere and it's pouring. or you're going to a wedding and your hair will get messed up. but when it's the light kind of rain, it's really almost enjoyable.

imagine being a blade of grass, suffering through three months of heat, totally parched. wilting, and brown, it waits for those drops of rain that nourish it. finally, it sees dark clouds on the horizon...and at last, blessed rain! i don't live in a farm, so i don't depend on rain for my livelihood. i just depend on my boss signing my checks. but I've come to see it less as an annoyance and more of a gift from Above. now as long as it doesn't rain Friday night when i have to walk to my meal....


The Babysitter said...

You ate worms?

But yea rain is good so long as its convenient. It's supposed to be a good thing when it rains Friday night, when the men are in shul. Last shabbos I got stuck in the rain and walked home from shul in the rain, it was a light drizzle so it wasn't so bad and it was pretty enjoyable. Like a mist.

rebecca said...

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