Sunday, September 21, 2008

my handicap

please don't ever ask me to buy soda.

i can't do it.

i don't like soda, so i never drink it. so when I'm asked to get soda, and I'm not given a specific list of exactly what to buy, i can stand in the aisle in front of the bottles for hours. is coke better than Pepsi? what is fresca the diet version of? what's the difference between soda with lime and soda with lemon? do people drink fanta or that other gross looking purple soda?

i can run any kind of errand. i can go to home depot to buy pipes. i can pick up paint, get pictures printed, have keys copies, get kerosene canisters, fill up a car with gas, take pets to the vet, or drop off clothing at the cleaners.

just PLEASE don't ask me to buy you soda.


Child Ish Behavior said...

So how bout you pick me up a nice cold beer?

rickismom said...

When ever I use a vending machine, I simply freak out, remembering that when I was a kid, a big bottle of cocoa-cola cost 10 cents!

I agree with you about the purple stuff (besides, much of THAT stuff is "yain nesek", anyway...

G6 said...

Here's the primer from an expert who drinks the stuff for breakfast, sadly.
a) Coke is FAR better than Pepsi (but some of us still buy whatever's on sale and suffer)
b) Fresca is the diet soda for those who don't like diet soda
c) Some people buy whatever caps they are collecting at the moment.
As an aside, I know somebody else who won't touch the stuff... suffice it to say there must have been something in the water that week ;)

sporadicintelligence said...

I hear you, except for me it's worse, I'm terribly indecisive about food, so restaurants are a disater for me...soda however is not a problem, I don't drink it, and when I do it's Diet Pepsi.

and g6: pepsi is way better. Coke is way too sweet and fizzy. Makes you belche more.

The Babysitter said...

I was recently asked to buy soda, and I was standing in the aisle and not sure what to buy, I ended up buying a bunch of different stuff just to be safe.

Although there are some sodas I like, I just don't know what other people like, so its hard to buy for others. I happen to like Dr. Pepper or Dr. Brown's cherry soda. Or cherry pepsi. Other than that the other sodas are pretty much ok, but those are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Carefully select the least popular flavour (in your family or circle of friends) and hope they remember this incident next time.

frumcollegegirl said...

that's actually the best advice i've heard yet!

the problem is that i don't drink soda. haven't had a cup of that stuff in years. literally.

i remember sitting in the airport on the way to israel? or maybe waiting to pick my dad up, and sipping a can of coke, and very much not liking it