Monday, November 3, 2008

anybody know how to get primer out of hair?

today i developed a streak of white hair. very cruella devil.

since I've got some free time this semester, i decided I'm going to repaint my room. it's not such a hard job. (but it would be easier if sister 1 would take her bed out of the room so i don't have to keep hopping around it) today i just did the base coat-and managed to get paint all over me in the process. it took me twenty minutes to get the stubborn substance off my hands-and I've still got vestiges of it on the tips of my fingers. my feet and legs are streaked with white. i have to manage to get the stuff off before my cousin's wedding on Thursday night. then again, even if i do manage to scrape my skin raw and get the paint off, I'll have to do it again when i paint the second coat of primer and the two coats of paint.

that is, if sister1 and i can decide on a color before Wednesday morning.

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tembow said...

i've been meaning to paint my room for the looooooooongest time already. but i haven't gotten around to it. do i need to prime it or can i just paint over the existing color? do you know?

frumcollegegirl said...

the more primer you put on, the better the pain will adhere to the wall

rickismom said...

One, before next paint job, cover your hair with a shower cap!

Where is is sreaked in the hair (and only there, and not on the scalp), you can take the pimer off with keroscene. Then you must be VERY sure to wash the keroscene out ( and out and out)to prevent your hair from being prone to flamability.

The Babysitter said...

That's cool your painting your room. My mother had painted all the rooms in my house in the beginning. Then recently she had some worker do it all, when we got other work done.