Wednesday, November 12, 2008

now that I've finished painting my room (and sort of got most of the paint out of my hair) I've started a new job; taking care of all the pictures lying around. firstly, the hard copies. they're from seminary. it's kind of embarrassing, but I've never done anything with them. they've sat on my dresser, bundled in rubber bands. so today i bought a photo album and put them in. besides the great memories they've brought back, it got me thinking about a few things;

1. there are people out there that have no clue how to take a picture. I've got some great group photos where half the group is cut off, or there's a finger in the picture. how difficult is it to point and shoot? seriously.
2. for a good two months of the year, i really needed a haircut. it's not so noticeable because i wore my hair curly. but the few times i straightened it...let's just say i don't look my best. ugh
3. i did some crazy things in Israel that i would never attempt at home. like blindfolding myself and trying to feed someone chocolate pudding. on a moving bus.
4. i had a friend who shared the desk with me for ten months, every single day. a really good friend. and i haven't spoken to her in ages. I'm talking a friend who i used to have elbow wars with, and argue for pen placement rights. a friend who got me in big trouble when she leaned over right before the teacher was coming in and whispered "y'know, I'm really trying to work on this relationship. for us" to which i yelled at her "THERE IS NO US! WE ARE OVER!" yea, the teacher thinks I'm demented.
5. my mom keeps telling me i should write down all my memoirs. and if nothing else, i should do it, just to remember all the things I've done. so that when i come across a photo of myself sitting in the driver's seat of a bus, looking at someone outside the bus, and appearing to be apologizing, I'll remember what the story was.
6. i wore way too much eyeliner

now that I've put my pictures into an album, i need to take care of the others. like the prints i have from my photography class. some of them are really nice, i need to get some frames and drill new holes in my newly painted walls....


stam[azoid] said...

thats so funny, i JUST went thru all my sem pics!

The Babysitter said...

I think it's great to write down stories so that you can tell them over to your grandchildren