Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i love Starbucks. i love their poufy chairs, the weirdo people who hang out there, the funky music they play, and of course, the free coffee!

i went to claim my free coffee and the barista smiled at me and said,

"sure. that'll be zero dollars."

i asked for a receipt.

he chuckled at me, and before i could explain that i wasn't kidding, and really wanted a receipt, he turned to another customer.

then, from out of nowhere, a white-haired guy appeared behind the counter and asked me if I'd like a free coffee. i smiled politely and gestured to my coffee.

" i just got one"

he smiled back and offered me a receipt he had been holding in his hand. gingerly, i accepted the proffered scrap and looked at it.

"Take Our Online Survey And The Next Drink Is On Us!" it stated.

i looked up at him for verification...and he had vanished.

not really.

he was still standing there.

"just visit and type in this customer code" he explained, pointing to the slip "then after you've answered some questions about your visit, you will be given a complimentary beverage ID. write it down on the receipt and bring it back here for a free drink."

i didn't really have time to comprehend all this because i was about to be late for class. so i took the receipt and my drink and hurried out.

sitting in my car, i came to a realization;

i had just met my fairy godfather! i was sure of it! and i hadn't even give him my wish list.

i half expected to be duped, but after i got home i filled out the survey and dutifully wrote down the number. that appeared on the screen when i was finished. I'll have to stop by Starbucks some time today...

the more i think about Starbucks, the more questions i have for them:

do you have to sport at least six facial piercings and have two different hair colors to work behind the counter?

do you ever vacuum your chairs? sometimes it freaks me out to think of what i might be sitting on.

what's withe grande stuff? why not extra-large like everyone else? do the baristas even know what that word means? maybe next time i go in I'll say "un pequeño café, por favor"and see if anyone knows what that is.

can i do a coffee-themed party in Starbucks? maybe i could rent out the place for a few hours, have open drinks and free wireless.

after buying a certain amount in Starbucks, can i get privileged customer status, and like, have a reserved poufy chair for whenever i come so i don't have to sit on one of the uncomfortable, wooden, straight-backed chairs? this isn't the 1700's anymore. nobody should care how lousy my posture is.

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G6 said...

I LOVE it!!!
Can you take the receipt from the next cup of coffee and fill out a survey to get ANOTHER cup of free coffee (and so on and so on?)...
Is this the infinite supply of free coffee - kind of like the mirror in the mirror trick???

tembow said...

you wish g6! LOL


Anonymous said...

LOL funny story
Didn't know starbucks gave out free coffee

The Babysitter said...

I never went into starbucks.

but you made it sound great, they should have a club member kind of thing.

The Babysitter said...

and btw, that was good of you to be honest and show that you already got a free cup of coffee

Moshe said...

Maybe he was the coffee fairy.

Frayda said...

hi, i just foudn your blog. you should change the black background/white font setup you have. it is really hard to read. otherwise your blog seems very interesting

G6 said...

I totally and completely second Frayda's motion.
I cannot read your blog "on site" makes me dizzy. I can only view it via Reader.

tembow said...

it didn't bother me