Wednesday, November 19, 2008

why are people so stubborn? why do they refuse to learn anything new? ever have someone ask you about something, and then tune you out when you start to explain? an example of this happened just yesterday:

someone asked me for a phone number so i sent her a name card. she replied by text and told me she didn't get anything. i told her the funny box thing in her text is a name card and all she has to do is download it to her contacts. she said

"oh forget it, i just looked it up in the phone book."

hello, the number is RIGHT there in your phone book! i just don't get why people refuse to learn something new.

i was talking to another acquaintance, and mentioned something about the auto industry not doing so well. she looked at me blankly. i asked her if she ever listens to the news, or knows what's going on with the economy. she shrugged. i was floored. i don't exactly get everything i hear on the news, but at least i have a pretty good idea of what's happening! i think we've passed that stage where we don't have to worry about anything outside our home, school, and social life. how could you not care about what's going on? people are so lazy these days. and content to just sit and let the world do its thing. be proactive! get up and open your eyes and learn about the world you live in!


rickismom said...

Yes, I have a close relative who REFUSES to learn to use the computer-even how tio turn it on and off, and use email. SIGH

The Babysitter said...

I get that a lot, when people say "o, forget it". When really it's not hard. Like recently, I was telling someone how to put a link in a comment, and they gave up. But then I told them it's easy that they can do it, so they did, and then were able to get it!