Wednesday, November 19, 2008


after being told by virtually everyone in my life, from my mom to the mailman, and all those who fall in between, that i should do something about the extra credit that i missed out on.

i decided to take action. i figured the Hillel rabbi would be able to help me. so i marched on over to the Center for Jewish Life on Campus, (which is really just a closet with donuts and a hot water urn) and knocked on the door. the rabbi stuck his head out and looked at me. his look, quite clearly said "oh i hope you're not going to ask me about something, because at this present moment, i would rather be doing anything on earth than help you" but i couldn't be sure that it was that or maybe he was having acid reflux or something, so i told him my predicament

"...and maybe you know if the college has some sort of policy..."

even before i finished, he shook his head.

" don't know if there is a policy, or there isn't one?"

"i don't know"

"OK, well...uh thanks for your help-"

SLAM! so i went to the student union to check out their planner handbooks. my college happens to have the best planners which also has all the policies and laws in the front. i have been labeled a loser by my friends at Brooklyn college for picking up the planner, but hey; it's free. i bet their just jealous. Brooklyn college probably doesn't have one as cool as mine. at least i don't go around wearing my school's sweatshirt. but i digress.

so i went in to the student government offices and got a planner. and there, under policies, it listed a number to call. the vice president of student development. so i called his office and left a message. he actually called me back within in the day. after straightening out the correct pronunciation of my name, i told him my dilemma. he told me that it's a great question and he's going to get back to me. so now I'm just waiting to hear back from him.


tembow said...

first of all- im quite impressed that you actually went to speak to people about this issue. its really gr8 you're standing up for yourself.
also-until this point i TOTALLY thought you were in brooklyn college!!! how funny is that???

stam[azoid] said...

im glad you did something!

nmf #7 said...

Kudos to you! Can't wait to hear what happens- but whatever it is, at least you tried!

The Babysitter said...

I have a BC planner, and it's pretty cool, but it cost like $7! and I see a bunch of other BC'ers that have it.

O, and I bought a BC sweatshirt cause it's nice and warm and I liked the colors, but I don't wear it outside my house. Not yet comfortable to advertise my school.

I'm reading this backwards, so I already know the ending.

The Babysitter said...

o, and until this point I thought that Tembow knew you.