Saturday, November 15, 2008

this weekend was an interesting one.

it started as my windshield wiper stopped working when i was on the Palisades.

actually, it started before that when i was in a rush to leave and couldn't find the shirt I'd left out. i looked in every room in my house, but it had vanished. I'm guessing my family found it ten minutes after i pulled out.

so it was raining. and my schizophrenic windshield wiper was flopping off the side of the front windshield and getting stuck on the side of the car. and then it stopped working all together. but mercifully, this happened right when the rain stopped. so i was safe.

but i learned something about myself; i do not remember how to parallel park. at all. the first spot i tried to get in to was too small. the next spot was big enough, but i would have taken lots of points off for excessive maneuvering. and after all the back and forth, my car still wasn't straight. but i gave up. at least it wasn't sticking out to the point of there being a chance of getting hit.

ever hear of Douglas Adams? some of his titles would properly explain my Friday night meal. i was one of four guests. the first one would be described with the title The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. it was like this guy was on a totally different planet than everyone else. interesting to the point of being slightly creepy. the second guest was Mostly Harmless. he didn't talk too much. the third guest would probably fall under the category of Life, the Universe, and Everything. she kind of went with the flow. even though shabbos is so early, the meal was quite long, and by the time we were finished, i was ready to say So Long and Thanks for All the Fish. i was falling off my feet. i guess it's been an incredibly long week. and i have a paper to write, that's going to hang over my head until i complete it. someone should go research to create a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy of Inter sting People and How to Deal With Them.

Since i got to bed before 10 pm, an almost non-existing occurrence in my life, i was up at 4 am. totally wide awake. so i read six Zits comic books. which totally didn't put me to sleep. so i pulled out my notes on arteries, veins, the liver and intestines. i should have looked at that first, because after three minutes, i was out.

but impressively, i made it to shul, and relatively on time, too. but when i grabbed a siddur, i forgot to grab a chumash too. so after shemonah esrei i had to "excuse me" my way out of the row to the bookcase, and then back in. and then i sneezed. so i had to do it all over again to get a tissue.

the afternoon was so short, that by the time we finished lunch, thanked G-d for the grub, and cleaned up, it was almost three o'clock. at this time my body realized that it had missed out on two hours of sleep the night before, and demanded a rematch with my pillow. so i caught about twenty five and a half winks.

after shabbos i was supposed to meet a friend downtown and hang out, catch up. but her dad decided he didn't want her taking the train alone at night back to Brooklyn (where were you all week, friend's dad?) so i ended up reading and completing a 3-D Monsters Inc. puzzle. and doing that thoroughly exhausted me. so now i have to go rendezvous again with my pillow. because I'm getting up really early to meet my friend downtown. that is, as long as her dad doesn't decide that Sunday morning is too dangerous to be out and about.


tembow said...

omg, fcg! what a weekend! where were you????

EsPes said...

lol wowww busy weekend!

i love zits comics!