Tuesday, November 25, 2008

today was a really interesting day. last night i went to sleep in my own bed, at seven thirty this morning i was in Baltimore at a bris, and by one thirty this afternoon i was in class. i feel slightly out of loop. i didn't teleport, or Apparate so my molecules haven't been jumbled, and no body parts got splinched, but it's a weird feeling. it could have something to do with the time i got up. i usually end my day at 2 am, not start it. and i haven't gone to sleep at eight thirty in about ten years or so.

i don't mind long drives, but gross restrooms really bug me. why does it always seem like the toilet seat-covers are stuffed into the box as if they'd all fallen on the floor and someone shoved them back in? and why is it that the half of the bathroom that's closed for cleaning always looks cleaner than the half that's open? and personally, i think placing the sugar packets next to the mayo pump at the self-serve counter is a pretty bad mood. nothing makes me lose my appetite for coffee quicker than congealed mayonnaise.

my new favorite activity is surprising people. it's so much fun to see the look on people's faces when they are totally not expecting you. almost as good as giving a great gift. just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. like eating cooked peaches. (yea, i know. sounds gross. but my family members who have allergies love them)

brises (brisim?) are a funny kind of thing. they're usually in a shul, and you drive there. only other time that happens I'm either wearing a costume or fasting. so it felt kind of funny. so all the women crowd around the mechitzah, pretending that they totally see what's going on, but really have no clue what's flying. in fact, this bris was so quick that when we heard them naming the baby, my cousin looked up with a slightly confused look on her face and said, "don't they usually do the bris before they give the name?"


tembow said...

lol ur so funny!

stam[azoid] said...

the NJ turnpike reststops usually are not terrible. i miss that drive!

and brisim is correct ;)