Saturday, March 22, 2008


staying up all night is one of those things that i can't do to often, and have to have a good reason for doing it. i did it every year in high school on motz. shabb. at shabbaton. but that didn't really count because i always came home and slept the whole day. i did it once when i stayed in the hospital with a baby overnight. i did it in Israel numerous times for stupid reasons. i did it in camp when i was color war captain.

i start out the night with a task. i've got a whole night to do what i need to do. whether it's write a paper, talk to a friend, study for a test, decorate a room, or even just waste time.

as the hours go by i get alot done. but then i start to slow down. it's usually around fourish. i seriously entertain the thought of giving up and going to sleep. but i know i'll get more done now. so i plug on. i'm so pumped full of caffiene that i can barely sit still, and i can practically hear my heart racing from the other side of the room!

the sun starts to come up and i race feverishly to finish my work. until, finally! i'm finished. i shower, have another shot of caffiene (somone should invent a way to have a caffeine drip with an IV needle in the arm) and start my day. i'm usually good till about eleven which is when i feel like i'm dead. or floating. hopefully i make it to at least nine o' clock when i can collapse in bed. once i had two all-nighters in a row. i was a disaster for two weeks after that


The Babysitter said...

I've only had all nighters by school shabbatons. I found the hardest part to be those late hours in the night. Once it turned 4 or 5 o'clock I found it wasn't hard to stay up anymore. Then at 7 or 8 when I got home, I felt ready to start my day, I felt too up to go to sleep.

Yoni said...

I always found the hours of about 2-4 the hardest. Late enough that I'm tired, but early enough that I might convince myself that if I went to sleep I might wake up the next day, and that i'd gain something from sleeping 2-4 hours.

However, experience has shown otherwise.

I once heard one of them refered to as "the hour of the wolf", and sometimes, maybe I'm crazy, I feel scared, almost like something is watching me or there might be ghosts.

but maybe I'm just crazy.

Child Ish Behavior said...

I've done the all nighter many times. Many times its not planned though, counting the hours and they just fly by. In the end the sun just creeps up on you. I have to figure out how Moshe and Yehoshua did it, it would be so convenient to keep it night for a few more hours, after an all nighter to sleep all night, Just as they kept it day for a few more hours.

David_on_the_Lake said...

I dont do well with all nighters...
I need my sleeeeeeep

frumcollegegirl said...

hey yea that would be cool. i could use three more hours in my day.

sometimes in the past i've noticed that all of a sudden it's like five o clock. that's the worst cuz there's no point going to sleep then, but if i have nothing left to do it's so hard to stay up

the opinion said...

i stay up all shavous but i just collapsed at 12:00pm the next day.