Thursday, March 20, 2008

the almond

the almond was sitting placidly in his container, when a hand came in and started wiggling around. he knew enough to realize that the hand was bad news. only last week his uncle bernie had been scooped up and hadn't returned since. he wasn't sure exactly what happened once you were scooped, but sometimes late at night when their container was in the drawer, he heard the adults talking about those who'd been "eaten" he didn't quite understand what that word meant, but he knew it meant you were never going to make it back again. he'd heard stories about whole families who were eaten, or even worse, whole containers. where nothing had been left of them.

so when the hand grabbed this almond, he realized he was probably in trouble. but instead of being shoved into the black hole that had claimed so many before him, he felt himself falling onto the tabletop. the almonds scattered across the shiny white lacquer of the table. suddenly, two fingers came out and scooped up our little friend. terrified, he willed himself to be anywhere else but there. even his cousins, the peach pits were better off than he. at least they didn't get eaten. but instead the almond found himself resting on a shelf inside a cool dark place. to his right, he could see down a long tunnel. at the end of the tunnel was a wall that vibrated anytime any sound was made. the almond was confused. what was going on?

suddenly he heard a laugh "is that an almond in your ear? then the fingers were back, and plucked him out.

(this story is based on true events)


The Babysitter said...

lol, someone got an almond stuck in their ear?
In away it reminds me of the Holocaust, people being chosen...

frumcollegegirl said...

ha. no. someone PUT an almond in my ear

The Babysitter said...

strange, lol, why would they do that?