Monday, March 24, 2008

nighttime is my time

i usually love being up alone at night.

it's almost like sunrise, but not quite as much fun because I'm sitting with all my work. but the house is quiet, no one interrupts me to ask me to drive them to this person, or to cook supper, or to bring them this that or the other. i have peace and quiet.

unless there are noises.

I'm no longer afraid of the creaks and groans of the heating system. and I've almost gotten used to the rabbit (his cage is directly over my head) moving around. it's when there are noises that can only be made by a conscious person, that it starts to get creepy. like a sigh. or a cough. it's even worse when you're home alone. because then you're positive that there shouldn't be anyone making those noises


another frum college girl said...

wow i was just gonna comment on the last post and this one popped up!

anyway i can definitely relate. im up late now (as usual) and fur-reezing!!! :o(

frumcollegegirl said...

i would say to put your heat up higher-but check with any other inhabitants of your room first

frumskeptic said... parents left me home alone for a week back in January. While i was downstairs reading or watching tv, i was fine, because I was right by the front door, and if someone were to sneak in I'd hear it. HOwever, when I would go up and shower or to go to bed it would take a while before I would fall asleep, because EVERY noise would bother me. (and i have an attached house!!)

and, like you, i'm normally a night person.... sounds are soo creepy

the opinion said...

really i'm so scared of the dark but i stay up with the light on.