Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the random and erratic thoughts of a very tired and cranky person

i lost my bluetooth headset. and now I'm really annoyed. it's brand new. i should wear it around my neck and then it won't get lost. i kept it on my ear the whole evening because i wanted to make sure i wouldn't lose it, but my dad got annoyed cuz i kept talking to random people out of nowhere and he made me take it off. i hope they didn't get baked into the Purim cookies. it could be under the super pile of clothing that's growing by the day. i really need to put it all away.

someone once told me that people become shrinks to solve their own problems.

i know a kid who creates her own problems. she's got everything going for her-great family who loves her, she's smart, creative, dances well...she craves attention. so much so that she'll act sick or make up issues, not eat or sleep, to get it. i want to shake her sometimes and tell her to snap out of it.

why do human beings need to always be at the top of everything? even the food chain! we always have to be the best, own the biggest....

life used to be really dangerous what with all the plagues, crusades, dramines, and random roaming wife snatchers. now it's even more dangerous with guns, cars, nuclear bombs, and high buildings to fall off of.

happy st. Patrick's day. i once heard a funny joke about Irish and Jews and drinking but i don't remember what it was. but i recall that it really made me laugh.


The Babysitter said...

sorry about you losing your blue tooth. Hopefully you'll find it.
"someone once told me that people become shrinks to solve their own problems." Someone told me the same thing, which is another reason why I decided not to become a psychologist, cause someone said psychologist have problems.
lol as long as it made you laugh...

the pissed off teen said...

check out my blog! im looking for a frum audience

David_on_the_Lake said...

I love the way you rant..
its so incoherently random..
kinda reminds of my own though process...

I'm sure youll find ur headset looking for chometz..

roaming wife snatchers?..
what era was that in?

frumcollegegirl said...

the scary thing is, sometimes my mouth works faster than my brain (more than just sometimes) and then i work myself up to a point...and don't know how to finish it